Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hope is light at the end of the tunnel. When you are in a bad place and you still look in the good of things. Hope is believing even when you are against the odds. hope comes from the heart and hope only comes naturally you can not just want to have hope you just have to have it. At times someone might be feeling hopeless in a bad situation. The only way to have hope is to believe you really can get through it. The only thing that threatens hope is your self. Only you believing you can not do it then that is when you start to loose hope. What gives me hope is other people. When I want to do something challenging such jump my bike over a certain obstacle, I think in my head about someone else did it so why can’t I? That is what gives me hope. A real life scenario was when I was playing baseball. We were playing Coronado High school Division 3 CIF champions just the year before. We were playing the defending champs who were now all the way up in division 2 and we are all the way low at division 4. We were losing the entire game 2-5. In the last inning everyone on the team get extremely clutch base hits and we ended up scoring 5 runs in the last inning then getting 1-2-3 out to end the game. We won the game because each and everyone of us though we could do it and we did.

Friday, March 3, 2017

social justice

It's important to value social justice because everyone should be treated with equal privileges. You shouldn't categorize someone based on there gender or race. Lately people have discriminated other people based on there gender or race. Lots of cases of cops shooting African American people have come up lately. In the ted talk I watched by Kimberley Crenshaw, she discusses the life of being an African American female. She talks about how people believe African American females have it worst and are the least valued of everyone.  Which is completely wrong. African American females and males should be treated exactly like all others. In another Ted Talk by Suzanne Barakat she discusses life as a Muslim. She talks about her brother and how he got killed by someone with "Islamophobia". Islamophobia is when someone doesn't like Islamic people. Islamic people are judged and hated when they shouldn't be. If someone hasn't done anything wrong they shouldn't be hated. Social justice relates to me because when a case of a white cop killing a unarmed African american, that racist person makes people think all white people are racist. I think everyone should be treated equal no matter what. Its 2017 and there is still racism. Social justice is a big thing in society today. No matter where you come from or who you like or how you talk, nobody should ever get ridiculed if they haven't done anything wrong.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

summary of talk of our choice

In the ted talk by Tiq and Kim Milan they talk about what its like in a queer marriage. The title of the ted talk is "a queer vision of love and marriage". Tiq is a transgender from female to male and Kim is a sis gender which is a person who loves all. So she is attracted to any gender. They met on Facebook and just after 3 months they had gotten married. They got married in 2013 and are still together today. They said they are just like any other married couple on the planet. They even said they had gotten in a fight in the middle of writing the script for their talk. They are a very famous couple and have appeared  on many television talk shows and even on the cover of time magazine. They are very alike in some ways but in other ways they are the complete opposite. Kim was a foster child and has traveled the globe and Tiq has a huge supportive loving family and has never left the country. They said Kim keep tiq wild and tiq keeps Kim grounded and safe. They keep each other balanced. The talk was around 17 minutes around and it was very well spoken. If Tiq hadn't said anything i would never have known he was a transgender he looks like any normal man. Kim was born a female and still is a female. They said even though they rushed getting married they don't regret anything a day doesn't go by they they are both extremely thankful to have each other.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

summary on gilberts talk.

In the the talk by Dan Gilbert he explains that over the time humans have existed on earth out brain has tripled in mass. Over evolution something extraordinary has been added to the brain. The prefrontol lobe. Its one  of our most important thing in our brain. It tells us which is a better decision by giving us a thought of whats going happen in the future. Although the prefrontol lobe is very significant it does something called impact bias. Impact bias is when your prefrontal lobe makes a mistake and makes a wrong decision. He also explained an experiment he had where people had to choose a painting and leave on behind. After a while the people learned to like there painting they chose more and liked the painting they left behind less.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


In my opinion happiness is the most important thing in life. Life is pointless if you aren't happy. Happiness is what makes you feel good. Some of the things that make me most happy is laughing, baseball, skating and my girl friend. Laughing has to be what makes me most happy though. I love laughing so much I wouldn't trade it for anything in the entire world. I try to make people laugh a lot because I find it so much fun to laugh and I want to share it with everyone in the entire world. When I play baseball or skating it helps me get my mind of everything and I don't have a worry in the world unless its falling. I've played baseball all my life and I started skating when I was 10. Although both things are very fun, sometimes when I have a bad game or I cant land a trick they become aggravated and I get frustrated. When I hangout with my girlfriend, Michelle, she lightens my mood no matter what and I am most happy when i´m with her. The way she talks or smiles always makes me happy and shes my best friend and no person make me happier. Happiness is what you like to do and what makes you full of joy or laughter. It can be anything throughout the entire day. In my opinion the more happiness you have the better your life.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

French revolution fictional charecter

My name is billy bob Thornton. I am 21 years old and its December 11 1793. Currently everyone wants to kill Maximilian Robespierre. No one is brave enough to because he kills anyone who slightly steps out of line. He brutally murders them by cutting their head off. almost daily you can go watch multiple people get decapitated. The government is terribly run. we have no freedom of speech we can barely practice religion and we are terribly underpaid. I am apart of the public safety committee along with the hated Maximilian. We are so scared for our lives that during meetings we barely say a word. max is so inhuman he could snap and kill us all with the snap of his fingers. When he first became the president of the committee he was good at his job. he only killed those who deserved it. After a very short amount if time he was very far out if line. he would kill anyone who has slightly wronged anything. I feel as if when max is finally killed he should be killed with his own killing machine, the gulitine. That would be pretty damn ironic. I hope its soon though I cant deal with that man any longer.

Friday, October 7, 2016

getting out of my comfort zone

To be completely honest school is out of my comfort zone. I absolutely hate school I've done 10 years of it i only have about 6 left. I get good grades and all but school just sucks. Most people hate school. I'm different i would do almost anything not to go to school anymore. Its truly unfortunate though because i'm forced to go. Some thing is enjoy doing are sleeping and watching the flash and family guy on Netflix. Also love to eat. Only when i'm hungry though. That's another thing i  consider out of my comfort zone. Eating when i'm not hungry. Its not enjoyable whatsoever. Another thing is running. Running is pointless to me. I mean unless I was the flash or something. whenever i run i have really bad shin splints and it killed my legs for the next 84545246 hours. In my opinion i'm pretty darn shy but once you get to know me all I do is speak my mind, which sometimes isn't very good. I've said to much about what i'm uncomfortable doing. Something I am very comfortable doing is watching kid danger or the flash. The Flash is by far my favorite show right now. Season 2 just came out on Netflix and I'm addicted just like i was last year in season one. I regrettingly stay up till 1 in the morning watching episodes. At about 10 or 11 my mind says okay after this episode i'm going to sleep. That usually never happens though the writers of the show at very good at leaving bizarre cliff hangers at the end of every episode. gang gang.